July 2020 Collection Inspiration

…and just like that, July is here! Although we love summer every year, we were extra excited for this particular July because we have all new back-to-school styles arriving! Tomorrow, July 16, is our big July release and we can’t wait to share it with you. Not only is it the July release, but it’s also the kick off of our new season — Wonderment. Naturally we had to get the inside scoop on the latest release from our beloved Chief Creative Officer & President, Madeline Katzel. Keep reading to find out more about how the July collection came to life!

MJC: Tell us about the overall inspiration for the fall season!

MK: “Fall 2020 is all about hitting the open road and being open to new adventures. Meagan and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and did a road trip! As we started discussing fall 2020, it was so important to us to have a change of scenery — literally! We wanted to change our perspective knowing that a fresh point of view is so inspiring.”

MJC: How did you decide on a direction for the fall season?

MK: “We decided we would go to PNW area — which we selected because we had never been and we have no idea what to expect! That was so exciting to us. Once we choose that area, we were so inspired by all the beauty of the natural landscape. In such close proximity you have the amazing ocean, stunning mountains and everything in between. We didn’t need to look much further than that.”

July 2020 inspiration board

MJC: How does this inspiration translate to the July launch?

MK: “For July specifically, we wanted the color palette that was inspired by the beautiful landscape to set the tone. The palette is comprised of muted colors and soft mid-tones that mix so beautifully together. This little release also speaks to our customers back-to-school needs, but can layer on to the next few months with ease.”

July 2020 Prints

MJC: Are there any customer-favorite silhouettes making a reappearance?

MK: “YES! We have the best quintessential knot dress releasing in July. She has an apron with apples on it for her back to school needs and if you reverse the apron, there are trees on the other side so it can wear well after first day of school!”

MJC: Love it! Are there any new silhouettes?

MK: “A new t-shirt dress is introduced this month. She is sweet and simple with those special MJ touches, but so easy to wear. In our soft knits, she is sure to be a fave with your littles as well.”

MJC: Can you tell us which girls style is your favorite this month?

MK: “The Recess Queen Dress. I love how simple and easy it is. A great style for the youngest little or older girls too!” 

MJC: We love that one, too! Tell us about your favorite women’s style!

MK: “I LOVE both of the women’s knit tanks for July. So easy to wear and appropriate for the heat this time of year, but the sophisticated palette will allow you to layer these into cooler months as well.”


We’re so excited to share our first release of Wonderment with you! Shop tomorrow, July 16, for the best selection!