May Flowers

April Showers bring May flowers, right!? Well, here in Fort Wayne, we even had a few snow showers in April and boy we ready for a little sunshine, warm weather, and the fragrance of florals! So, to celebrate the favorite women and mothers in our life, we thought a new pretty printable was in order … Summer is one of our favorite seasons as it always filled with so much love, family, activities, and more.

This little printable is pretty simple … with some scissors, yarn, pipe cleaners, and of course, your MJ pretty printable, and you should be set to go!  As you know, we are lovers of a little pops of color and pattern at MJC, so we used some fun little extras to fancy up our flowers. ?

step 1.      print your printable and grab  your scissors and let the cutting begin. Feel free to print several copies for an extra large bouquet for mom or that special someone in your life.

step 2.      we started with the holder: punch out the holes you see along the edge of the triangle pieces and lace both sides up to connect them to make a cone. We used yarn, but feel free to use ribbon, string or even strips of fabric to connect them together. Once your holder is finished, secure your blue gingham handle at the top with tape or glue.

step 3.     time for your flowers! once your flowers are cut out, feel free to decorate and layer as desired. We used jewels, pom-poms, buttons, and more to add a little something special to each bloom. Feel free to use whatever you fancy! It’s your turn to make it your own.

step 4.     whether it is those sweet paper straws or pipe cleaners, the options are endless when it comes to securing your flower(s) to their stem.

step 5.     collect your flowers to build your bouquet and enjoy your little bundle of beauty.



Ciao for now,