Meet Amber

Desi and I are back with our weekly installment of the meet the MJC crew. This week we are going back to the warehouse side to introduce Amber.

She started with MJC as a packer in July of 2010 for the fall line Field Trip. Our very own lovely Chris (warehouse manager) brought Amber on from Dairy Queen. Chris’ parents happened to own the  Decatur, IN DQ that Amber worked at. When Matilda Jane was looking for packers she knew Amber would be a great fit. Amber is a great worker and super reliable. DQ was her first job where she continued to work from 1998  until December of 2011. That’s commitment if you ask me. Since the Field Trip Line, Amber has also become the “Jane” of all trades on the warehouse side. She pulls, packs, does inventory, and even supervises the other girls (and now a few guys) if Chris or Jeff are not available.

Amber says her favorite part of being a MJC employee is seeing the new collections as the come in.  She also loves coming over to the Platinum side and helping us fold when she can.  Although she says the job she really wants is to be our fabric organizer. I’m sure she could negotiate that one with Kiara, if she really wanted.

Since we are still in the Character Counts season we asked Amber if she had a favorite character from a book or movie. She replied who wouldn’t want to be Nancy Drew….lol. I think I (Carrie)  have to agree, smart girls solving crimes, what a great role model to have.

When ask what her best characteristic was Amber said “Honesty”….she definitely doesn’t have a poker face.

Amber belongs to a group called The Hookers. Now this is probably not what your thinking, its a group of her friends that get together to “hook” rugs. She says when they aren’t hooking that they do other crafts together. Amber also loves gardening at her brick farmhouse (built in 1882), where she has 12 chickens and 7 barn cats one of whom just had 6 kittens. She also enjoys canning, which her family does together on the weekends.

Amber is always on the go and such a hard worker. Shes loves Saturdays because she gets to spend time with her husband Andy. They have a 6 year Anniversary coming up on Sept 16th. For five years straight now Amber and Andy have went to ‘Levi Coffin Days” in Fountain City, In. Levi was part of the underground railroad and the whole town is a massive garage sale/flea market that weekend. She says it is worth going just for the Fire Department’s homemade ice cream.

Amber also has a big B-day coming up on October 8th. She will be the big 30, or as I like to say 29 for the second year in a row.

Until next Friday!


Desi and Carrie


Amanda - August 27, 2012 - 11:05 am

I just want to say, you guys are really doing a fantastic job with getting orders packed and shipped! I was so pleasantly surprised when my order turned around in 6 days after the first release! AMAZING! Y’all have got it going on up there. I know it must be crazy busy right about now, but I wanted to give you guys all a pat on the back for being so fast! Waiting on MJC mail is seriously like waiting for Christmas in my house! Happy MJC customer over here 🙂

Mindy - August 25, 2012 - 7:12 pm

I do the same…., I’ve now had 4 29th birthdays 🙂 the funny part is my hubby actually thought I was turning 30 2 years ago!!!!

Erica Scott - August 24, 2012 - 5:45 pm

Welcome Amber! What a fabulous life you have! I think you have my dream life – old farm house, animals, husband, trunk keeper, and beautiful! Welcome.