Meet Trunk Keeper, Kat K.

One of the most special things about Matilda Jane is our sisterhood of amazing Trunks Keepers. These special women get to build boutique businesses that are all their own, while spreading the magic of Matilda Jane. Each one joins us for different reasons that are as unique as they are.

Today we want to introduce Team Leader Kat K., who is chasing her dream of being an entrepreneur alongside being a mom.

“I fell in love with MJC when a friend’s daughter had on a Knot Dress,” Kat explains. “With a background in fashion design, I knew instantly I had to get my hands on this brand for my girls. I started hosting as soon as I found a Trunk Keeper near me and was so honored when she asked if I would think about becoming a TK.”

“My ‘why’ is for my girls! I am their role model —I am first and foremost, a mommy, but they see me working too. By sharing the heart of Matilda Jane, I am able to teach my girls about caring for others and how to impact our community one little girl at a time.”

Ten seasons in with Matilda Jane, Kat’s business is going strong. She is growing a team and helping other women find their own success, too.

“I am so passionate about sharing this opportunity with new TKs. I want every single one of them to be proud of what they accomplish and aim for big goals, to take their fear and turn it into fuel, and launch a successful business they can call their own.”

The very best part of her business success? Kat knows her little girls are watching.

“They know mommy works so I can give them everything. And I’m not just giving them things, I’m giving them memories,” she says. “I’m setting an example for them that you are going to be a woman when you grow up and that you can do anything you want to do – and you can be a great mom too.”

If you believe in our mission of keeping little girls little, and are an entrepreneur at heart, we would love for you to join us. Visit today to learn more and connect with us. We can’t wait to talk to you!