Meet Vivien!

I have to say that this is only our second week of introducing the MJC Characters to all of you, but I am having a really great time. It is fun to ambush an unsuspecting co-worker and have an impromptu interveiw session. This week Desi and I chose our very own “Platinum Cohort” Vivien.

Also like Ann…(if you read last weeks blog post about Ann, you will remember that an E always gets added to the end of her name), Vivien’s name is always misspelled around here at MJC. Everyone was under the assumption that her name was spelled Vivian, even her Platinum packing cards are proof. It wasn’t until a hand written name tag at TK conference that Kiara proclaimed “There’s an E in your name!”…lol. It was brought to light that we had all been misspelling Vivien for years!

Vivien first started working at Matilda Jane in the fall of 2009 as a packer for the “Gypsy Blue” season. She eventually became a order puller for the seasons up to the fall 2011 ” You and Me” season. She did leave us for a brief period to visit her family in the Philippines; where most of them still live. When she returned back to the US in the spring of 2012 she joined the MJC team again, but this time as a Platinum Girl. Although she does many jobs in the Platinum Department she can most likely be found sewing buttons on mounds of fabulous Platinum pretties, packing, or shipping orders.

Vivien’s favorite part of being a MJC team member is the laid back and flexible work environment. It truly is like being a part of a family here.

With the upcoming release of Character Counts, we asked Vivien if she had a favorite character in a book or TV show. Her response as she gives me (Carrie)  a “high five” is Stefan from the Vampire Diaries. If you have never seen this show, then you probably will not understand the afore mentioned “high five’, but as a fellow Vampire Diaries fan  let me tell you that Stefan is smokin’ hot! Vivien says she likes him because he is loyal and she feels that if he were an actual person you would always be safe with him.

It is no coincidence that Vivien would pick someone she thinks is loyal for her favorite character. One of Vivien’s best characteristic is how loyal she is. When you are friend of Viv’s you can count on her always having your back.

Vivien has two special events coming up in the month of October, one is her B-Day on 10-18, but probably the most important to her and most of us girls here at MJC is the birth of her very first..(and only, according to baby girl. She is due on 10-11 and we can’t wait to meet her. Vivien has already picked out a very special name for her- Jennebelle.  She said her favorite part of being pregnant has been being able to feel the baby kick and move, but has least liked the sleepless nights and being nauseous.

Just a little info about Vivien that we are privy to – she is a known around here as being a bit of a hygiene fanatic. Even just today I (Carrie) heard her ask someone if they showered last night. She is like a little Mother Hen around here. That’s how we know she will be a great Mom…(to probably the world’s cleanest baby…lol)

Seriously though, when she talks about Jennebelle it is evident that Vivien is already head over heels for her baby girl. When asked if there was anything that she would like to say to her baby now-she simply responded ” I will never abandon you.”

That’s our Viv!

Until next week-


Desi and Carrie





Laura R - August 3, 2012 - 3:15 pm

I love Vivien! She deserves only the best that life has to offer. Besides all the wonderful traits you listed she is one of the most intelligent women it has been my pleasure to know.

Laura Shigley - August 3, 2012 - 1:31 pm

You look stunning Vivien!