One fine day and a little fate

We were getting ready to grab a cab last night taking our time dragging our tired, dirty bodies down the airport corridor and I noticed a girl who looked so familiar. I’ve never met her but I really thought I knew her. We were a few steps behind her and a gentleman, when I realized maybe it was Jeff (First trip to China) and Emily. So I casually said “Jeff” in a little higher than normal voice. The rest is just a great happy story.

Jeff and Emily will be here till Saturday so we are hoping to meet up tomorrow night. Those of you who may not know Jeff, he hung out with us on our first trip to Shanghai. He just happened to be here at the same time and good thing cuz we would’ve been lost without his guidance and few, very few, Chinese words.

Now we are just boarding the train for Changzhou after 3 hours of sleep. At least we got a shower and are clean! I sure wish the plane was even 1/2 as comfy as the train. Just wishing.

Now a problem. They announced the Changzhou station while I was typing but I swear it never stopped. Carla and I are laughing so hard we totally missed our train stop. So we are heading to Najing, wherever that may be. Wow! Here’s to new adventures.
This is so funny trying to figure out how to get back. And it’s a good thing Carla is a chatterbox.

Mission 1/2 way complete. Got off train and they said to get back on train. So here we sit with the cleaners and the seat mover. Yup, I said seat mover. The train does not turn around but the seats too. She literally walked the train and flipped them all around facing the opposite direction. Crazy. Well, lights just went off, train quiet and here we sit in seats that we have no tickets for. I’m just following instructions of “Get back on train.”

Stay tuned….

Sheila Isbell - April 26, 2012 - 3:22 pm

I live in north China so I get everthing you are talking about. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

Gran - April 26, 2012 - 1:53 pm

Denise, I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to hear the rest. Once a group of 5 of us went to Eastern Europe. I do not like to stay in one place long. Big mistake on a train in a foreign country. I was walking from car to car and realized both of the doors had locked behind me and I was standing “in between”. This was definitely not where I wanted to get off. I didn’t even know where I was but I knew I could not read or speak the language AND in the process of walking around I did not have my passport with me. I didn’t have time to panic but I get a “queezy” feeling every time I remember that incident. I was able to step off the train and go through the door from the outside before they left the station. Needless to say, I sat still the rest of the trip.

Hope Boyce - April 26, 2012 - 7:24 am

I love every post, but this is totally great! It helps that I spent 3 weeks in China so I have a great visual! I was a little worried there would be no adventure left for Sam … HA! Not to worry, I’m sure! I am dying to hear how the Africa trip goes for our girls!!!