Sweet Serendipity

noun: the occurrence or development of events by chance in a happy way

Every once in a while, a few special styles come along that steal our hearts away. And the feeling lasts long after Release Day. We love them. We pass them down. We hold on to them forever. This special spirit is exactly what we wanted to capture in our latest Vault Collection – a handful of remarkable remakes from one of our most favorite seasons: Serendipity.

Making its debut in Spring 2012, Serendipity was such a quintessential collection. It was everything we love about Matilda Jane – and everything we loved about our late founder, Denise DeMarchis. Every style was lovingly recreated to match its original sketch, fabric, color, and all the little details Denise herself loved about each one:

The idea to bring back these sweet styles came from the mind (or shall we say heart?) of our new Director of Merchandising, Brenen Miler. Her story is so beautiful, so serendipitous, we just had to have Brenen share it with you …

I discovered Matilda Jane during a really tough season in life. On one particularly difficult day, I was invited to my very first trunk show. I had no idea then how my life was about to change – all in the most wonderful way. The very first piece I bought was the Perfect Day Knot Dress from Serendipity. And a Perfect Day was exactly what that day was – a day spent meeting new people and learning about the brand, all through a special new friend called a “Trunk Keeper.”

 MJ was not well known in my area, and finding pieces to build our closet was like a needle in a hay stack … until I was told about this little community, MjAddicts. Little did I know at the time, in finding MJAddicts, I would found a group of women who would be in my life now more than five years later.

It was never just about the clothes – it was about a community that rose up to support one another. And together, we did motherhood. We’ve cheered through the milestones, cried through the triumphs, and have been there during the quiet moments moms find themselves in – nursing in the middle of the night, endless carpool lines, loss, heartache, carrying one another through the unimaginable. 

I remember years ago reaching out to Denise and telling her that one day, I wanted to work at Matilda Jane. Dreams come true, and I am humbled and thankful every day. With this re-release of the styles I first fell in love with, I am most excited to dress my daughter once again in Another Perfect Day Knot Dress – to see her twirling away, remembering the journey that led me here, and thanking my lucky stars for the community I still cherish to this day. It was all so … serendipitous. 

We would love to hear YOUR stories and memories of Serendipity, too. Be sure to comment below to share. And check out the Vault Collection pieces now at matildajaneclothing.com.

Colleen Dalton - May 27, 2018 - 7:02 pm

My granddaughter is 7 the peppermint lap dress was one of our first purchases. It is now being worn by the 3rd granddaughter and will be passed on to number 4 and 5 granddaughters I love the timeless clothes that MJ provides

Anna - May 26, 2018 - 7:20 am

Matilda Jane has never been the same after Denise passed. MJ now missing the talent she had combining fabrics. A comeback of her collection isn’t a surprise and I’m sure it’s well welcomed.

Carrie - May 24, 2018 - 10:29 pm

I went to my first trunk show in 2009 when I was pregnant with my daughter, and fell in love with every single piece of the Setendipity collection. I held onto the pieces for years. Just today when my trunk keeper sent me this blog link, my daughter came home from school in her peppermint lap dress. First as a dress, then s tunic and still 6 years later, a darling much loved top. That’s serendipity!

Stephanie - May 24, 2018 - 7:34 pm

Serendipity was my very first Matilda Jane release! I had never even heard of Matilda Jane and a friend invited me to her trunk show. I couldn’t go, but checked it out online and I loved what I saw. My very first purchase was finns for me, but eventually I bought girl pieces for my daughter as well. It will always be special because it was my first introduction to the amazing Matilda Jane world that I love. 💗

Becky - May 24, 2018 - 6:23 pm

Thank you so much for honoring Denise and her legacy through Vault pieces. Serendipity is a wonderful representation of her charm and whimsy. I hope we will see more Vault remake collections in the future.

Melissa Troedel - May 24, 2018 - 6:18 pm

Serendipity will forever be my favorite, it was the first line I was able to bring down to Haiti and dress my little lady in when we met for the first time. That fine was precious and she was instantly a Matilda Jane girl!!!

Kendra Miller - May 24, 2018 - 5:31 pm

Serendipity was when I found Matilda Jane. It was a few releases in and I loved everything I saw. I’ve been a release day shopper ever since. It’s a dream of mine to work at Matilda Jane as well❤️

Cheri - May 24, 2018 - 5:31 pm

How fun! I found MJ well after Serendipity released, unfortunately, but I was lucky enough to find a Serendipity shabby top for my girl a couple of years ago and we LOVED it! Can’t wait to see these tomorrow! What a perfect way to celebrate my husband’s birthday. 😉

Changing the Face of Beauty

One of our most favorite parts of doing what we do is celebrating the beautiful spirit of girlhood. And for us, that means meeting and interacting with girls from all over, with all kinds of backgrounds and interests, likes and loves, and hopes and dreams. All of this makes us so very proud to be a partner of Changing the Face of Beauty, an incredible non-profit that is committed to equal representation of people with disabilities in advertising and media.

This Spring, we had the pleasure of working with Ellie – one of our May models who stole our hearts away with her infectious smile and sweet spirit. After the photoshoot, Ellie’s mom, Miranda, reached out to us to share why inclusive advertising is so important to her family. We loved her letter so much, we just had to share it with you!

This week my daughter, Ellie, took part in a photoshoot for your upcoming line. I just wanted to thank you all for the commitment that Matilda Jane Clothing has shown to inclusive advertising, and let you know exactly why it means so much to our family.

I have seen it said that everyone should see themselves represented in the media. I suppose there is some merit in that, but that isn’t why it is important to me. You see, Ellie already knows who she is, and that won’t change whether or not she sees people like her in catalogues and TV commercials. The reason people like Ellie need to be included isn’t so they can see others who are like themselves, it is so that able-bodied people can see others who are NOT like themselves.

Let me explain … Have you seen the movie Wonder? If not, make it a point to see it. Wonder is about a boy with a craniofacial condition that causes him to look quite atypical, and he is starting school for the first time. Ellie and I saw the movie recently, and afterwards I asked her what she thought. Here was my 7-year-old child’s take on the movie—

“I get it, I know what it’s like. It’s hard on the first day of school when you’re covered in stares and everyone treats you awkward because they’ve never seen such a thing.”

They have never seen such a thing. And therein lies the crux of a big problem in our everyday lives. Ellie cannot go anywhere, be it the grocery store, the playground, or a restaurant, without seeing children pointing and muttering, and sometimes outright circling her to get a better view, or dragging a friend over to gawk at “the kid with no legs.” We hear children loudly ask their parents, “What happened to that girl’s feet? Why is she wearing those things?”

My hope is that one day most children will have encountered a child with limb differences in an ad at a very early age. They will ask their parents what that is all about, and the discussion and learning will take place at home. The next time they see it in an ad, they will say, “Look, there’s another one of those people …” and by the time they encounter my daughter in a store, the dialogue will be all internal. They will simply think to themselves “yeah, I know what that is all about” rather than saying to her “what is wrong with you?”

And it is companies like yours that are slowly making that a reality. It really does mean the world to families like ours that “typical” children have a chance to see that our children are just like them in all the ways that count. From your ad, kids will see that a girl with “robot legs” is still just a girl who likes to play and hang out with other kids. They will see that “different” is still “normal.”

We love this so much! Learn more about the wonderful work Changing the Face of Beauty does here: http://changingthefaceofbeauty.org.

And don’t miss your chance to join in on an upcoming day of fun as we help support our friends at Changing the Face of Beauty and Infantino! The Everybody Plays celebration is an event in June dedicated to the simple idea that no matter our difference, every child is united in play. Be sure to click here to learn more and submit your entry today for this fabulous event in southern California.

Shirley moen - May 17, 2018 - 12:32 pm

This is so awesome. She is such a sweet kiddo. My kids face it as well… the states, the whispers, the rude comments from adults. I’ve taught them not to worry about it and just go on, but it’s hard nowadays people can be so judgmental. Three of my children have NF1, which causes tumors to grow anywhere and everywhere throughout the body where there are nerves. Also bone defomaties and other issues. Each suffers different symptoms but they all have the spots. One is autistic and behavioral issues. The states and comments can be hurtful. Takes a strong mama to raise a kiddo with differences. Good job mama!!

May Flowers

April Showers bring May flowers, right!? Well, here in Fort Wayne, we even had a few snow showers in April and boy we ready for a little sunshine, warm weather, and the fragrance of florals! So, to celebrate the favorite women and mothers in our life, we thought a new pretty printable was in order … Summer is one of our favorite seasons as it always filled with so much love, family, activities, and more.

This little printable is pretty simple … with some scissors, yarn, pipe cleaners, and of course, your MJ pretty printable, and you should be set to go!  As you know, we are lovers of a little pops of color and pattern at MJC, so we used some fun little extras to fancy up our flowers. 😘

step 1.      print your printable and grab  your scissors and let the cutting begin. Feel free to print several copies for an extra large bouquet for mom or that special someone in your life.

step 2.      we started with the holder: punch out the holes you see along the edge of the triangle pieces and lace both sides up to connect them to make a cone. We used yarn, but feel free to use ribbon, string or even strips of fabric to connect them together. Once your holder is finished, secure your blue gingham handle at the top with tape or glue.

step 3.     time for your flowers! once your flowers are cut out, feel free to decorate and layer as desired. We used jewels, pom-poms, buttons, and more to add a little something special to each bloom. Feel free to use whatever you fancy! It’s your turn to make it your own.

step 4.     whether it is those sweet paper straws or pipe cleaners, the options are endless when it comes to securing your flower(s) to their stem.

step 5.     collect your flowers to build your bouquet and enjoy your little bundle of beauty.



Ciao for now,