One Style, Three Ways: Take Another Trip Tee

There are a lot of important qualities to consider when shopping for new clothes. Style, comfort, quality and versatility are often at the top of the list. We strive to check all of these boxes when creating our collections each season. One of our favorite women’s styles from our February release is the Take Another Trip Tee. This cream tunic-style tee is super soft, very comfortable and incredibly versatile! We chatted with our VP of Design, Madeline Katzel, to get her top styling tips to get the most out of this simple tee.

MJC: When was the Take Another Trip Tee first launched?

MK: “We launched the OG Take Another Trip Tee in Fall 2019. It quickly became a customer favorite, so we had to bring her back ASAP in a soft, buttery white.”

MJC: What do you love most about this tee?

MK: “Hands-down the versatility, softness of the fabric and the fact that it looks great on EVERYONE!”

MJC: Could you style it a few ways to give our customers a little inspiration?

MK: “Sure! This is the kind of top you can wear so many ways…”

“This tee looks so great with your favorite pair of jeans and a fun poncho during the day — perfect for lunch with friends.”


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“Get comfortable in leggings or joggers for your weekend errands. Toss on a denim jacket if you’re chilly or wear it solo. Slip into some cool sneaks to keep it super casual.”


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“Switch out your pants for dark denim and layer on a leather jacket to take your look to date night or a girl’s night out! Add a fun leopard belt to really make a statement.”


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How would you style this top? Tell us in the comments below!


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How Our February Prints Came to Life

In case you missed it (although we’re sure you didn’t), our February collection released earlier this month and has been a huge hit with Trunk Keepers and customers alike! Full of colorful patterns, playful designs and plenty of coordinating styles so your littles can match, there is so much to love this month. We caught up with Print Artist, Maggie Szott, to learn what inspired her this season and what it takes to create the perfect print!

MJC: In just a few words, tell us about the February collection!

MS: “It’s playful, bright, unexpected, fun and made with love!”

MJC: Describe your approach when working on a pattern for a new season.

MS: “Our patterns are always mindfully chosen to convey the theme for a new season. We start by gathering various inspiration elements and create pattern boards for each release. Next, we carefully put together the color palette and then I begin my pattern design.”

MJC: “Do you create patterns digitally or by hand?”

MS: “It all depends on the feeling I want the pattern to convey. Some patterns require pen and ink sketches with an overlay of color to show movement or texture (like the Easter bunnies pattern), while others can be done digitally. I love both methods!”

MJC: “What is your favorite pattern you worked on for February?”

MS: “Do I HAVE to choose one? I love them all! But, my favorite ones are usually the conversational patterns. They are always so much fun, unexpected and whimsical!”

MJC: “We know you worked on the cupcake print featured in the Let’s Talk Dress! How did you begin working on that one?”

MS: “The cupcake print was so much fun to do! I knew I wanted them all to look super yummy and be filled with sprinkles, hearts, stars, fruit, fun and joy!  There is a cute little donut shop near my home that always has these amazing donuts that look like cupcakes, which inspired this print for sure! In the beginning, I chose the colors and started with the fruit. Since I knew I wanted six different cupcakes to create a nice variety within the print, I began playing with different toppings and shapes. After each cupcake was complete, I arranged them into a pattern and recolored it in multiple colorways. It’s one of my favorites!”

MJC: “Wow! How long did it take for you to work on the cupcake pattern?”

MS: “Just a couple of hours. All of the elements are individually created before combining them to form the whole cupcake. Each one is unique and special in its own way!”

Do you have any questions for our designers? Comment below and we may answer it in an upcoming post!
Bridget - February 18, 2020 - 1:10 pm

Beautiful! What sort of things/places inspire your designs? I’ve really enjoyed the color palette this release!

Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us every year. It feels like we have all the time in the world between the start of the new year and February 14. But then, BOOM! Suddenly it’s less than two weeks away and you still need to make a Valentine’s Day boxes for the kiddos, find cute cards and figure out what treats to make for the class. Sound familiar? Well, we wanted to take at least one thing off your overflowing plate — Valentine’s Day cards. We designed four super cute cards that you can download and print off for your kiddo’s classmates!





Now that you have the Valentine cards handled, it’s time to decide on treats. We have you covered there, too! Find a simple and delicious treat to make with these Valentine’s Day recipe ideas from Matilda Jane associates.
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Perfection ?

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