Perfect Match!

Growing up as a kiddo, my siblings and I had the adventures of a lifetime every summer with our grandparents, or Pagra and Granny, as we called them. My parents weren’t the most outdoorsy type, but boy were our grandparents! A week or two every summer was spent with them gardening, chasing chickens, exploring the water and woods, and of course, enjoying each other’s company.

Each year when they would come to pick us up for the long drive to Kentucky, they would always have the most perfect bag of goodies, games, and treats waiting in the car for each of us to keep us busy. They were each specialized for our personality, and car games were always a staple.

So, as we were coming up with this month’s pretty printable, I couldn’t help but think of the bag of goodness that my grandparents thoughtfully picked out for us to help prevent that one question we all want to know on a road trip … are we there yet?!

So, we created this little MJ memory game – it’s just the thing for your traveling fashionista!

Who doesn’t love a little something to keep the kiddos busy while working their brain power at the same time!? Now, not only can you use this MJ game to test their memory, but it is also a great way to mix and match the current collection for those favorite everyday looks. Hello future Trunk Keepers or fashion stylists! ?

Printing your April pretty printable is simple and easy! Simply click on the photo above to download your document. You can even print yours on a patterned card stock so the opposite side is just a sweet as the MJ piece you see above. Once you have printed your printable, cut along the lines, and you are good to go.

This sweet little game is great on your own or played with a bestie. So, when it’s time to pack your sweet ones travel bag for the next adventure, don’t forget to bring along your newest pretty little printable for a little pattern, style, and fun!

Ciao for now,