Q&A with Madeline: August Inspiration

Last month was the official start to our Fall 2020 season, Wonderment. Our Chief Creative Officer and President, Madeline Katzel, sat down with us to chat all about our upcoming August release and the inspiration trip that helped her concept the season.

MJC: We know that you and fellow designer, Meghan, took a trip when concepting the Fall 2020 season. Tell us where you went!

MK: “We started in Portland, drove to Seattle and ended up in Vancouver!”

MJC: So fun! Why did you choose the Pacific Northwest?

MK: “We choose it mostly because we hadn’t been in that area much previously. We had heard it was beautiful and felt that a new perspective visiting places we weren’t familiar with was exactly what we needed to start the season with a fresh eye.”

fall 2020 pacific northwest inspiration trip - matilda jane clothing

MJC: What was your favorite part of the trip?

MK: “Discovering so many beautiful places, cool little shops, the landscapes, all of it!”

MJC: How did this trip reflect itself in the Fall 2020 line?

MK: “The color palette was specifically derived from some of the pictures we took of the landscape. There are quotes we discovered along the way that we incorporated into the assortment in fun ways. The florals were inspired from the beautiful baskets of florals we found at Pike Place Market.”

fall 2020 august color palette - matilda jane clothing

MJC: That’s so neat! Tell us a little about the August line.

MK: “July had some elements of back to school, but August is more about the fall season. Beautiful lush florals to be found in several silhouettes. There are lots of fun separates to mix, match, and layer up as the weather starts to cool down.”

MJC: Do you have a favorite style from this release?

MK: “The Wild and Free Hoodie has a saying on it that reminds me of our trip. It says “free as a bird, wild as the ocean.” It’s just a super easy style that any girl can wear no matter her age. It’s so versatile and has all the special MJ touches!”

MJC: We love that one, too! Which women’s style are you most excited about?

MK: “The Along the Way Kimono! I love the soft muted tones and the beautiful print (created by our talented Maggie) makes me feel like I’m wearing a work of art every time I put it on. It is also so versatile, which I love. I love being able to wear one style many different ways.”

Madeline Katzel