Q&A with Maya’s Curls

We love seeking out artisans who create unique and beautiful products. Juliet Carey, from Maya’s Curls, is one of those people! We’ve been crazy about her creations for years, so we asked her to collaborate with us on a collection of hair accessories that pair perfectly with Hello, Lovely! Not only did she design four of the most precious hair accessories we’ve ever seen, but she’s been an absolute joy to work with. We wanted to introduce her to all of you, so you could get to know her like we do!


What prompted you to start Maya’s Curls?
When my daughter Maya was about 15 months old, her beautiful curls were beginning to grow in, and I needed something to hold them up and out of her face. It started with colorful hair bows, and as she grew, so did my ideas and my love for ART!

What is your design philosophy?
BEAUTY, ART, UNIQUE, VERSATILE. I truly want each design to be aesthetically pleasing as well as versatile and durable. They should last for years and be something that you can wear everyday or for special occasions. I’ve even had customers put their beautiful pieces in a shadow box frame for keepsakes after baptisms or weddings — literally turn it into a piece of art! I love to bring nature to life through my work…whether it is a bouquet headpiece or a simple flower clip. Mixing various natural materials makes each design very unique, and it stands out in a crowd.


How did you become connected with Matilda Jane?
About 2.5 years ago, the amazing Denise DeMarchis ordered from my website! I sent her some extra pieces in the box, and not too long after that she contacted me to discuss a future collaboration. I designed a line for her to use in a spring 2013 photo shoot, and then happily accepted her invitation to participate in Art Fair 2013. I met Jeff, MJC’s CEO, during Art Fair, and he was such a pleasure to talk with. We continued the discussion of this future collaboration, and I could not be more thrilled that it happened! Madeline, MJC’s design director, has been so wonderful, and I truly admire all of her hard work along with so many others at MJC! They have made this an exciting, amazing experience for me.

Why do you think Matilda Jane and Maya’s Curls make for a great partnership?
Unique, playful, colorful, and mixed fabrics/materials are just a few of the wonderful adjectives we have in common! Designing for MJC comes so natural to me based on the beautiful prints and combinations they use in their designs. We both love buttons and sweet accents in our designs, which makes each design very unique!


When you are not designing adorable accessories, what are you doing for fun?
When the weather is nice, I’m outside taking in nature somewhere with my children and my camera. Both my kids have incredible respect for all living things, and we love to explore. But I may be out shopping, too! I love finding amazing new local boutiques and shops to support, and I always love an awesome vintage find or a new boho piece! I enjoy physical activities and try to be creative to fit a workout into my busy schedule. I enjoy walking my 100 lb. chocolate lab, Tucker (as long as he is not pulling me to the ground), yoga/stretching, short interval workouts, and dancing (in my basement with my headphones on or embarrassing my kids in the living room — sometimes they join me!). But my favorite is going to my wonderful friend/personal trainer’s group FIT sessions; they’re so much fun and the only HARD, GOOD workout I get each week. These things all help when I need a little break from designing!

Tell us a fun/interesting fact about yourself.
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Education from The Ohio State University, and after I graduated I wanted to SAVE THE WHALES…literally! I went on a soul-searching mission to look into this as a possible career choice. Although I realized I could not do this and start a family, I’m still absolutely passionate about and obsessed with marine mammals! We are going to the Florida Keys soon, and my husband, children and I will be swimming with dolphins — a lifelong dream of mine!


Any other things you want to share.
I want to sincerely thank my amazing husband of 14 years, Rick Carey, for all of his love and support while my business has grown. He is my partner and the “financial/business brains” behind Maya’s Curls. To all of my sweet friends and family who have helped me lately and my two beautiful children, Anthony (11) and Maya (8), who have been very patient with my busy schedule and often tell me how proud they are of me (melts my heart) — THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! xoxo! ~Juliet

Erica S - March 12, 2015 - 4:12 pm

The designs are just beautiful and I loved reading about you and your family!

Melissa - March 11, 2015 - 4:43 pm

She is one of the most genuine and beautiful people in this world!! Not to mention extremely talented.

Rebecca McManus - March 11, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Beautiful, artistic, unique!
(love all your pieces as seen on amy crandall!)

Marquita - March 11, 2015 - 3:13 pm

Juliet is the kindest, most caring and compassionate person I know! She is brilliantly talented and never to busy to be there for a friend. Love you girl!!