Sneak Peek: May Collection Inspiration

It’s that time again — our next monthly release is almost here! We’re less than 24 hours away from the drop of our May collection and believe us when we say we’re just as excited as you are! For April, we just started to dip our toes into warm-weather style and now by May, we’re full-on ready for summer! Our May release is super special and we can’t wait to show it to you! But first, we got the scoop on our latest collection from none other than our VP of Design herself, Madeline Katzel! Let’s see what she had to say about May!

MJC: We’re so excited to learn more about the May release. Can you start by telling us about the colors you chose?

MK: “May’s color palette has all the happy hues of the rainbow! These few brighter pops are for true summertime.”

MJC: We love rainbows! What was your initial inspiration when designing for the May release?

MK: “Summer! To me, May is really the first month to get outside and enjoy the warmth of the summer months to come.”

MJC: Are there any special details this month that stand out to you?

MK: “Yes — there are SO many nods to rainbows this month. One dress has an entire paneled rainbow on it— and of course, it’s super twirly!”

MJC: Oooh! Tell us more about this dress!

MK: “The Charms Dress is one of my favorites. Not only is each separate panel the most gorgeous shade, but when they’re all put together it makes the perfect rainbow. Not to mention, it’s so twirly and fun making it an amazing dress for summer!”

MJC: So fun! Let’s chat about the women’s line next. Which style is your favorite?

MK: “I love the Sunset Season Maxi Dress. It’s super comfy and so stylish — plus, I love the vertical stripes! I’ll be wearing mine with a denim jacket on top.”

MJC: Before we go, there is a big holiday coming up — Mother’s Day. If someone is looking for a great gift for their mom or maybe even treat themselves, what style would you recommend?

MK: “I think the Changes Open Cardi is the perfect gift for mom. It’s an open stitch kimono, making it a beautiful layer to work over everything.”

We know you are super excited for tomorrow’s release! What are you most excited to shop? Comment below!