Sunshine on my Mind

We all know finding the perfect summer looks that are both beautiful AND comfy can be quite a task…everyone is looking for just the right pieces that can take you from a day at play to an eventful evening in an effortless way. Well, our June collection is just that and more as another round of father/son pieces have been added for the whole family to coordinate in this colorful collection- cue your sweetest summer family photos yet! ?

Our newest collection was brought to you courtesy of the team’s fondest memories of fun in the sun, not only from their past but also as their families grow and adventure themselves. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we think these pieces both for your family and home will make this your best summer yet! Tis the season to explore, celebrate and spend some quality time creating and sharing memories that will last us a lifetime, so we thought a couple fun ideas might be the perfect way to start the summer out right.

1. When you feel like getting crafty:

Not that kiddos ever get bored during the summer…? We thought those two beach essentials of sand and shells would be the perfect ways to get a little crafty during this time of the year. Whether you use paint brushes/pens or markers, the sea shell art will definitely bring out your cutie’s inner artist! And well, who doesn’t love bright colorful sand!? Simply have them layer up their favorite colors and top off the container with a lid and MJC tag for the perfect beach room decor for something else to try.

2. When their stomach starts to growl:

Those littles humans are quickly growing, as are their appetites! With the kitchen at the heart of the home, what better way to make a few summer memories than with a little food. Happy bellies = happy humans…We made the cutest clam croissants and filled them with chicken salad. If you or your kiddos fancy another flavor you can also fill it with meats and cheese, chocolate spread and fruit, seafood salad or other fillings. We created a little beach scene for a little extra fun!

Now, if you are looking for something on the sweeter side, why not set up a little lemonade bar or even an ice cream sandwich bar. Making it interactive in selecting the options helps your littles create unique flavors that will be sure to please.

3. When you want add a little more MJ in your life:

Back for another month of fun, our pretty printables are designed to bring just a little more MJ in your every day life. This month we have created party table tents, flags and paper chains in the beautiful June prints created by our very own in-house artist, Maggie. Feel free to cut the tents in half and use as tags, it is totally up to you and can be printed time after time for parties, your home or for some quiet time activities with your kiddos.

You know that feeling you have when you are out relaxing and enjoying your getaway? Well, we hope our newest pieces, printables and fun ideas inspire you to your most memorable and fabulous summer yet. Enjoy!

Ciao for now,