Team Beckitha

Two of our favorite girls around- you know them as Becky and Tabitha, queens of the return department. We know them as Team Beckitha, queens of the awesome and hilarious departments. These girls make such a great team that you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they have been friends since way before they both worked at MJC. Becky told us she knew Tabitha way back when she was 17 and still had braces! They met when they were both working at Applebee’s- where Tabitha has worked for 8 years and is considered a “Neighborhood Expert.” Becky has been here at Matilda Jane with us for four years now- she was even here during the original Back to School and Sack Lunch collections! And Tabitha just joined us during Serendipity, but we all feel like we’ve known her forever! Chris even gave her the nickname of Tiffany during her first week here, and so far she is still Tiffany to Chris!

Tabitha & Becky

One question we ask our interviewee each week is what they believe their best quality is (since Character really does Count!). Tabitha was quick to reply that she is witty- which is completely true- and that a character from a show or book that she identifies with is Chandler Bing from Friends. She even went so far as to say he is her dream man (are you listening Bridgette?!)! Becky’s answer was that she is young at heart- which is also SO true. Even though she is married and has the cutest little baby Owen (who is actually almost two and looking too much like a toddler than a baby), we still all think of Becky as just one of us youngins who bring Lunchables for lunch and likes to pull the occasional prank around the warehouse. And while we’re talking about kids, Tabitha wanted us to mention that she is the momma to two cat babies- Tess and Tiki. And she refers to her little family as the “Triple Threat” (Tabitha, Tess, Tiki all starting with T….. get it…. There’s that sense of humor!).

Other fun facts about Becky are that she and her husband were in the same school her freshman year of high school, but never dated. But then they re-met during college, got married in 2009, and the rest is history! She also loves, and I mean LOVES, to dip any food in any kind of dip or dressing. We have seen her eat poppyseed dressing with macaroni & cheese, pizza, you name it…

And Tabitha… She is going to a Justin Bieber concert this fall, and you would not believe how much Kiara bugs her to give her the ticket! Tabitha is also a huge Harry Potter fan, and asked us if we would be writing our blog about her like Rita Skeeter for the Quibbler. She then confessed to dressing up as Bellatrix Lestrange, while her friends dressed as Ron and Hermione, for a movie premiere once. Her favorite food? Roast and Potatoes, and her mom makes the best, she says!

Beckitha said that knowing each other and being friends outside of work definitely helps to make them a better team. They mentioned that they have “The Look” down- so they can tell what the other means without saying anything, which I think is a sign of the best kind of friendship! That’s what we all love so much about Matilda Jane- the friendships that are built and strengthened through MJC. The girls said that their favorite part of working at Matilda Jane really is getting to talk with new people every day.

So there you have it! Two more of our favorite MJC characters that I am sure you will be getting to know even better in the future when you have any returns and exchanges to do!

Until next week!

Desi & Carrie



Sha - August 20, 2012 - 1:17 pm

I love Team Beckitha!!!