Team MJC


Remember last Friday when I promised Carrie and I would be back to introduce you to another MJC crew member today? Well, it looks like it will be yet another week until we’re back to our regularly scheduled blogging, but I think I can still introduce you to a whole bunch of MJC characters real quick today!

At the beginning of August we traveled to northern Michigan for a retreat. The main event of the weekend was a scavenger hunt in which we were randomly split up into three teams, given verrrrry specific clues and instruction, and released into the two cutest little towns in all of Michigan- Petoskey and Harbor Springs. We ran like crazy all day long, but in between all of the running we not only got to discover the hidden gems of these towns, but we were also able to spend time with MJC girls that we aren’t normally able to since we are all in different departments. And we all got to know each other a little (or in some cases, A LOT) better. : ) Enjoy!!


Team Brown: Chelsa, Vivien, Yama, and Ann


Team Aqua/Red: Sarah, Sam, Carrie, and Serlita (In In)


Team Blue (and servers at American Spoon): Alicia, Kiara, Desi, and Kayla


And that’s not even everyone- it seems like our MJC family is growing by the day! But for real this time- tune in next week to find out more about one of these incredible gals! I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!!! My sister is coming to stay with me, and we’re going to Johnny Appleseed festival tomorrow, so I plan on having the best weekend ever!


love, desi

Pamela M. - September 17, 2012 - 6:36 am

Hi Desi – Thanks for posting more pics of your time in MI this summer. Being born and raised in this great state, I am so glad that you guys got to experience two of my favorite towns….aren’t Tom’s Mom’s Cookies the best and the gelato at American Spoon Foods?!! You guys need to go back this fall to the amazing colors of the season.