The Best Things a Sunday Could Bring

Last Friday Sam and Kayla headed off to Houston to visit Denise for a little work, a lot of relaxation, and some much-needed time to get back on the same page with each other.  They counted down the days until they would all get to re-connect for the first time in five weeks–the longest any of them have been apart since they all began working at Matilda Jane.

And so in the spirit of having the good ol’ gang back together, we bring you, “The Best Things a Sunday Could Bring,” Matilda Jane-style!

^ 1. The day started with the “Brunch from Heaven!”

^ 2. Reunited at last!

^ 3.  A little fresh air and shopping. (And some Starbucks, too!)

^ 4. “Before we even ordered, she looked at us and said, ‘You three are the prettiest girls.’ Thank you, Gabby! You draw the cutest moose!”

^ 5.  Meet Radar’s new friend, Satellite! They seem to think they’re going to see Michael Grimm tonight. Sorry, boys…

^ 6.  Lovely ladies in black. All dolled up to see Michael Grimm!

^ 7.  Sitting 40 feet from the man, himself!

^ 8.  A few new friends met at the show. Nice people are the greatest.^ 9. Lucy treated us like a friend and the cab driver offered to buy us McDonald’s AND kulfi. His treat.

 10. Cuddling up with friends and reminiscing about MJC love.

We hope your Sunday and your upcoming week are equally as fantastic!

Erica S - August 26, 2013 - 12:35 pm

It was great watching your Sunday unfold! So glad you girls had some QT together!

Bella Claire - August 26, 2013 - 11:50 am

I could not love this Blog post more! you guys are awesome!