The Special Meaning Behind Our Soda-Lightful Dress

At Matilda Jane, we are all about the details! Every dress, top and bow is designed with special attention and care, thoughtfully selecting the trims and buttons and perfecting the prints. Although we love every piece we design, certain styles hold an extra special place in our hearts — the Soda-Lightful Dress is one of those pieces. We chatted with Director of Merchandising, Brenen Miller, to hear firsthand how the Soda-Lightful Dress came to life.

“Our team for Girls and Baby is super special. As individuals we are uniquely different, but share so many common interests from the vision of the brand to our personal lives. Meagan (Design Director) leads with insight, experience, and creativity that is so whimsical and genuine, it comes across in all of her designs. Melissa (Designer) brings a beautiful perspective having worked directly for our founder Denise, and spending so many years designing and cultivating Platinum alongside her. I stumbled upon this dreamy little brand by happenstance over 9 years ago when my daughter was just a baby. I spent years hosting as a Jane every single release, my entire career as a merchant, and my dreams came true the day I received a call to join this incredible team as Director of Merchandising.

Our collections always start with inspiration and sharing stories with one another. Meagan had just returned home from her road trip with Madeline (Chief Creative Officer & President) around the Pacific Northwest and she was filling in Melissa and I on the incredible adventure. Just like most conversations, it spiraled into hours of storytelling, laughing, sharing and brainstorming about what our upcoming collection could be. At one point, we started talking about favorite pieces over the years and stories about Denise. We spoke of the creative genius she was, her style, and just her beautiful giving spirit. We laughed reminiscing about some of Denise’s blog posts over the years — so funny, raw, and true. We talked about her “beautiful mess” and style of designing, and her love for Diet Coke! Paging through one of the books Denise created we found pictures of her design tables and fabric, and sure enough, Diet Coke! 

The aha moment — the Soda-Lightful print was born, created by our talented Print Artist Maggie! Meagan and Melissa decided to place the print in one of Denise’s original silhouettes that has been part of the brand since the beginning. With a nod to Platinum, three rows of ric rac trim were placed at the hem of the dress. The smocked waist provides ease and comfort, perfect for play! We love her sweet puff sleeve, which can easily be layered under a sweater or denim jacket. The details of the soda bottles are so fun with stripes, dots, and colored straws. My favorite part might be the bubbles floating about!

Denise was a remarkable person and we love to pay homage and incorporate her quirky personality wherever we can!”


Brenen Miller, Director of Merchandising

You can find this playful print on both our Soda-Lightful Dress and as an accent on the Sing a Song Chrissy Dress!

renee hindman - August 28, 2020 - 3:01 pm

Matilda Jane is still so timeless after all these years! I am so proud to have dressed my 3 girls in MJ all their formative years. They are teens now and dressing them is NOT an option. I still use your clothes to style my unique photoshoots!