The Year was 2013


…and my New Year’s Eve or Year in Review? Ha, or whatever I ramble on about tonite. But I must admit, 3 blogs in a row? Pretty impressive for me. Okay, content may be so so but I’m trying.

First, I must tell you it is freezing up here in Good Hart. Windy, snowy and cold. My brother, David, and Hannah (my niece) rode snowmobiles out this afternoon. Crazy. It took them like 3 hours and it’s gotta be zero or below with the wind chill.  Luckily Hannah was near frostbit when they arrived so they wanted to stay in and warm up. Whew…I thought they were going to talk me into going snowmobiling with them. Whew. Maybe tomorrow.

David, Gabe and my cousin, Jason, went skiing for the day. Gabe was beyond thrilled that he got 2 Platinum medals in Nastar. Me? I decided a trip to Petoskey with Anne would be much warmer and more fun. So off we went. I love their little bookstore and of course, stocked up on books. How can you not?

As of right now my New Years Eve is pretty much consisting of hanging out with Anne and her family, my kids and David and Jason. We are quite the exciting folks. I’m thinking….finishing a puzzle….eating….coloring….eating….blogging….reading a book and then maybe a load of laundry. BIG EXCITING STUFF going on around here.

Hmmm..and the year in review? My gosh, so much to comment on. 2013 has been a year of so many events and changes both at Matilda Jane and personally. I’m not even sure where to start with this one.  And I have a great excuse, my brain is not functioning full throttle. I think I forgot 1/2 the stuff I should remember, if that even makes sense.


Early 2013 brought us lots of greats! We launched one of my favorite Spring Collections, Good Hart.  Jeff joined our Matilda Jane family as our new CEO and David stepped aside to stay at home with the boys. I’m not sure if it was more of a transition for David or for Jeff.  LOL. But they both certainly settled into their new roles with ease. Jeff now gets the pleasure of working with a team of many, many gals and a boy or 2.  And David? Well, he gets to deal with my forgetful brain and stubborness.  Oh and best of all David’s home with the boys and has teamed up with the “other” Denise (Lynette’s sister, aka DW) to give a home to 100+ girls through the Mighty Acorn Foundation.

It’s crazy to think how far the Mighty Acorns has come in the year 2013. Just think, 102 girls that had no hope, little family support (if any family at all), lived every day in fear not to mention questioning where their next meal may come from now have a place to call home. And thanks to some great friends (Becky, Jodi, Kylee, Kiara and more) the Mighty Acorn girls have gorgeously painted rooms in their new home. And thanks to great support from Matilda Jane, Livie and Luca, Rachel Fields and all of you the Foundation is thriving. And of course the wonderful Jenny Vorderman and Jami Davis for their contributions to the Mighty Acorn Foundation during 2013.  We are helping our girls learn to dream for the first time ever. We are taking the fear and worry from their lives and helping them grow into strong, educated and inspirational women. Gosh….thinking about them makes me just want to go back…like tomorrow.


As summer 2013 rolled around Sam, Kayla and I got to visit Northern Michigan for the Good Hart photoshoot. I’m not sure what I loved more: being with those 2 girls or the Spring 2013 line. Gosh, that’s not fair, I love my MJC girls always!!  Lynette joined us up north for  Memorial Day weekend to top it off.  Yup, for sure… May was one of my favorite months of 2013.

And before you know it, Art Fair is here. It’d be wrong of me not to give applause to Sam and the Platinum team for taking over this event. They dreamed it up and set it up. I could hardly wait to see it unfold till I went to the Dr the week prior to figure out why my stomache was so bloated. I mean afterall, I had to look cute in my dress for Art Fair.   Two days later, I was off getting a full hysterectomy and some other fun stuff to remove the cancer that was making me look not too cute in my dress. LOL.  Yup, June was the month that my MJC girls did me proud. They went above and beyond (as they always do) to be sure Art Fair was a HUGE success even if I could not attend. I love those girls forever.

I’m pretty certain from June 23 till mid- November my life was a blur. So that segment of 2013 will be summed up by sleep, little bit of work, lots of depending on my friends and my MJC gals for keeping me focused on getting better, a bit more sleeping and lots of smiles as all of you kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Ya, 5 months of blur but lots of love.

Then just as 2013 is winding down my tests results come back clear and things start getting back to normal. Whatever the new “normal” is now. I guess we’ll have the year 2014 to find out.  I guess spending the first couple days of 2014 in Good Hart, then Tokyo is a great way to start the year. And before we know it it’ll be time to launch the MOST SPECTACULAR Spring Collection. Seriously. Sam and I had such a blast designing this line. so great. And Elysse, Shannon and OLG have done a remarkable job bringing it to life. It’s crazy beautiful.





Chrys - January 5, 2014 - 12:22 pm

I’m SO happy to hear that you’ve received a clean bill of health! You have been in my daily prayers, and will continue to be. You have such a good heart and do so much for so many less fortunate. I’m happy to know that we’re not going to lose you any time soon! I hope 2014 bring you and MJC all good things!!

Megan - January 1, 2014 - 12:59 pm

So good to read! LOVE hearing from you!!

Sydney Southern - January 1, 2014 - 12:13 pm

Nooo! Don’t do laundry today. Don’t you know you’ll wash someone out of your family if you do laundry on New Years Day?? 😉 I’m southern & a little superstitious! Happy New Year & I love the mint green Emilia!:)

Amber V - January 1, 2014 - 11:11 am

Oh my! Those little girls are so beautiful. It’s so awesome to hear about what’s being done in Africa.