Words for Summer

And the winner for Friday’s blog contest was….

I loved reading everyone’s responses, and a few even had me almost in tears! I think that Lauren’s words that she would speak to her children summarize what everyone said, and I could imagine even saying them to my younger self:

I am a new “Jane” and I’m in LOVE!! BUT… I, too, need to slow down and seize the day more often! I have 3 beautiful children that remind me more often than not that they growing and getting bigger. My four year old tells me that he can’t wait to drive and my two year old tells me that he wants to be big so he can chew gum! I want to say, No, just love being your age and in time it will all come but for now: love that u are four and that you get to help daddy now the grass by sitting in his lap and steer and to my two year old: love that u can now officially say you wear big boy underwear and not diapers. Finally, to my 6 month old baby girl: You must Always and forever wear Matilda Jane! Lol…or just love being a girl and be comfortable in your own skin because it’s perfect the way God made you! So, I say all this to say: I’m going to slow us down to enjoy that ages and stages we are in…and…we will also be going to the pool almost everyday!:)

Congratulations, Lauren! Just email Kiara at KiaraA@matildajaneclothing.com with your info, and she will send your hobo bag right out to you!

love, desi