Puddles of Fun!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

~ Vivian Greene

‘Tis the season for rain, snow, warm, cold.. mix and repeat. Oh Mother Nature, just a day can entirely change our wardrobe choices (cue all those MJ layering looks šŸ˜‰). This weather definitely keeps life exciting, especially with littles in the house with their eager sense of adventure and boundless energy. Sometimes staying snuggled up and at home might seem a bit confining, but never fear, we’ve got some fun ways to embrace these weather events with puddles of fun!

  • Treasure Hunt… Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?! You can plan this activity in a variety of ways – hunt for colors of the rainbow that lead to a pot of gold or write silly clues that lead to your kiddo’s favorite thing hiding in the house. With just a little prep work, a scavenger hunt can engage little minds and develop their inner Nancy Drew.

  • Let’s get crafty (and dance)… if there is one thing we know about keeping a little one busy, a craft is in for the win! And when you add a little dance party at the end, it is twice as fun. All you need is a toy ring and some ribbon to get the party started. Once your cutie has found the ribbons they fancy, simply tie them to the ring. Now, grab those rainbow ribbon dancers, your favorite tunes and find an open and safe space to dance their little hearts out with a game of freeze dance. Just one rule, freeze like a statue when the music is paused. To challenge them, play with the music volume and their levels of movement.Ā  Giving them different tasks keeps them on their toes and engaged with the game (if the music is quiet, have them dance low to the ground; if the music is louder, have them dance high in the sky).
  • MJC Pretty Printablesā€¦ We crafted these pretty printables with your cuties in mind. They are great for rainy days, quiet time or just to keep your kiddos away from the screen. These printables are also a great tool to keep your littles occupied while you shop the day away at your MJC trunk show with your favorite TK. Can you think of a better way to hang with your favorite people, do a little shopping and cozy up all at the same time?! Click here to snag yours today.

  • When in doubt, bake it out… Some of my favorite times growing up have been centered at the heart of the home, the kitchen! In my family, food and cooking were as necessary as breathing. Cooking creates memories that last a lifetime. So pull out your aprons and get cooking on some rainbow themed baking.Ā  Start with your favorite cake, pancake or cupcake mix.Ā  Divide your batter once prepared and use multi-hued food coloring to turn the colorful fun.

  • Jump on in… Like Vivian Greene says in her quote above, it’s all about learning to dance in the rain. Our designers crafted our pretty rain pieces with twirling and playing in mind. They worked hard to create pieces that look good, feel good and hold up to everyday play. So, get outside in your favorite rain jacket, umbrella and wellies to jump in on the fun.

  • Fort Fun… I think we all have memories of building fantastic forts growing up as kids. They had to be just right and stocked full of pillows, blankets, flashlight and snacks. What better way to relive this adventure than with your little ones. Use your Matilda Jane blankets and quilts to design pretty, patterned creations – forts never looked so good!

Don’t let cabin fever set in when the weather is grim. These activities might just be the perfect way to add a little homemade sunshine to a cloudy day!Ā  Be sure to tag us at #matildajane as you bring these rainy day adventures to life in your own home.

Ciao for now,



A Crazy Little Thing Called Love…

Alright February, we’ve had our eyes on you and we are so glad you have arrivedā€¦no polar vortex can stop us from daydreaming about spring sweetness (and warmth). And we have to tell you, we are nothing but heart eyes for the swoon-worthy looks in the February release of Brilliant Daydream. They might just make your heart skip a beat and we cannot wait for them to arrive to a place they can call home.

With Valentineā€™s Day just around the corner, we were inspired to create a couple of crafty ways to celebrate this crazy little thing called love.Whether you incorporate these activities into class parties, during snow days or at your Matilda Jane Trunk Show, we hope these fun ideas help to keep the love and creativity flowing throughout the month and beyond.

One of the things we love most about the Matilda Jane community is seeing the pieces brought to life in your own creative ways. We love when you share your events, holidays, milestones or everyday magical memories! Be sure to use #matildajane to share these and all your special MJ moments and you might just see yourself showcased on one of our social media accounts.

Love is in the details and woven into each and every piece that adorns our new collection. So much dreamy sweetness is going to be had this season and we’re only getting started!

Fancy what you see? Just click here to shop the our newest release and click here to download our pretty printable today.

Ciao for now,


The Most Wonderful Time

A chill is in the air here in Indiana, the leaves are falling from the trees, and we are getting ready for our favorite time of allā€”the holidays! As you know, the only things we love more than coordinating family outfits are festive family outfits, and this November we are bringing you lots of them. We had so much fun creating beautiful pieces in all our favorite holiday colors. Just imagine seeing Matilda Jane at holiday concerts, visits with Santa, family get-togethers, and fancy partiesā€”we were envisioning holiday cuteness everywhere.

This November we’ve weaved in gorgeous florals, fun gingham, and lots of original prints from Maggie! We also are excited for you to see updates to your past favorites and introduce you to some new styles, too.

Everything mixes, matches, and coordinates so well with each other this release. This line was truly inspired by our own experiences while growing up and matching with our sisters and moms, and sometimes even our little brothers.

Did we say brothers?! YES!Ā  You will also see a shirt for those little guys in your life this release, too, with a fun Maggie-original print. It is so perfect for coordinating with the whole family!

Last, but certainly not least, we have four new cameo friendsā€”and even more new outfitsā€”for your gal to play with. We know what will be on her list this year!

We hope you love this year’s holiday collection as much as we do! It all arrives November 1.