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“Top 10”

Wow, what a fun filled weekend the entire MJC team just had. For those of you who may not know. Every year, we hold aView full post »

Much to do about nothing

I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I’m not sure if I told you that we got a summer (well, winter too) houseView full post »

Home is wherever I’m with you

Yep, it’s about time I show my face on the blog again. As much as I love to blog and have always considered it aView full post »

She got it from her Mama

Oh I already know today is going to be a great one. I mean it’s Friday. That’s usually reason enough for allView full post »


How did I get this life? Did I save a princess from an evil, tyrant monster in a life before? Wow, I’ve beenView full post »

My GOOD one

Have I told you guys about my boyfriend? I know I’ve talked about him in the past, he’s been to every artView full post »

Sweet Viv

Yep, most of you guessed correctly! Our sweet Vivian is back from the Philippines and we’ve welcomed her home toView full post »

On the Horizon

So many wonderful things are happening at MJC right now. Yes we are crazy busy and yes we have even more craziness aheadView full post »

A new Addiction

and a huge thanks to Jami Davis for introducing it to me. I sure hope she has a 3-Step Program to kick it. Let’sView full post »

Hello. My name is alicia

But everyone here calls me “Sha”. In fact, Miss Samantha didn’t even know my name was actually AliciaView full post »

Call me Lucky

Sometimes I need reminded of how lucky I am. Lucky to be alive and healthy. Lucky to work with so many STRONG, HEALTHY,View full post »

Giving Thanks

Where does one start. I feel like this week has been filled with events, people and situations I have to be thankful forView full post »

Tall Oaks Grow

It must be a sign of maturity when you fall asleep at 9 o’clock on a Friday night and then proceed to wake up atView full post »